Four Types of Mobile Marketing Campaign You Should Know About

Did you know that the average person spends more time on their smartphone than they do on their desktop? Whether or not this statistic surprises you, what it does do is highlight the importance of mobile marketing to businesses like yours.

Indeed, with the average user engaging with their apps around 15 times a day, there is a whole world of opportunity out there, but the downside to this is that there’s also an awful lot of competing content.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the different mobile marketing techniques and how best to use them. Luckily for you, we’ve created this brief rundown of the big four to help you…

Promotional campaigns

The number one way to spread the word about deals and new content, mobile promotional campaigns should be included in your marketing plans from day dot. An integral means of sharing enticing offers, such methods are used by numerous big name brands to get easy sells, such as the Betfair free casino bonus or the latest two for one from well-known eateries out there. Although they can and should be employed as part of your ongoing lifecycle marketing, they also have a place in highlighting time-limited offers, where a sense of urgency and big flashing letters are invaluable.

Transactional campaigns

Promotional campaigns are an integral part of successful mobile marketing, but so too are their transactional counterparts. Although their branding potential is frequently overlooked, such messages can actually be very useful. The way these messages work is that they pop up following a transaction, such as a sign-up or purchase, or when a confirmation is needed. Going along with the automatic message or email sent out to confirm this action, they’re a great way to communicate your brand values and coordinate your campaigns.

On-boarding campaigns 

If you’re not already familiar with them, on-boarding campaigns are a way of welcoming customers to your company and getting them started on the right track. Although they vary greatly according to the functionality of the individual website or app, the premise behind them is simple: to introduce your brand ideals, help users get the most from your mobile content, and lay the foundations for consistent future engagement. With studies showing that 55 percent of people who are engaged with in the first week after download are retained, such campaigns really are worth pursuing.

Opt-in priming campaigns 

Last but not least, opt-in priming campaigns are your friend. Priming for push notifications or other permissions has been proven to vastly improve a company’s opt-in rates, so you definitely need to know how to do it. Basically, these campaigns focus on finding the very best moment to share the value of opting in with your customers, so a gentle, persuasive nudge can be delivered when they’re most receptive to it. If you need some help with working out how to do that, take a look at this link for eight essential rules of good practice plus examples.

Isn’t it time you improved your techniques and gave your mobile marketing the boost it needs?